”Zedazeni” opened


In village Saguramo, Mtskheta region, a new brewery “Zedazeni” opened at the foot of the mountain. “Zedazeni” is a new Georgian brand, which, besides high-quality beer, produces 5 kinds of absolutely natural lemonade. President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili opened the factory today.

Mikhail Saakashvili addressed the staff of the factory with a speech and discussed economic developments in the country: this miracle which I am opening today is really impressive, because Georgia does not have such modern factory in any other sphere. From the point of view of production of beer and beverages it is one of the modern lines in Europe. The construction finished within the period of 7 months and started operation in one month. It took 8 months to set up the full operational cycle. I want to tell everyone that 700 citizens are employed here. 700 families acquired bread-winners and 700 families meet tomorrow with confidence.

700 people have where to go in the morning, they have a real opportunity of better life. It is a very important achievement that we have now one more new enterprise. I want to wish success to each employee of the factory”-said the president.

70 million lari has been spent for the enterprise which was set up by Georgian investment. The factory is equipped with modern facilities. More than 700 employees are working at the factory, 200 of which are IDPs.

The enterprise is equipped with modern technologies, it was designed by Czech company ZVU POTEZ. Beer produced by Czech and German specialists is available to everyone and its price starts from GEL 1.50. 

,,Our objective is to offer high-quality, genuine and meeting world standards beer. The competitors shall have either to leave the market or offer high-quality beer to the customers. We plan to become the leaders of the market in the nearest future, because we are producing one of the best beers in the world”, -says the commercial director of the company Kakha Paichadze.

Exporting of “Zedazeni” products is also planned in the nearest future.